About Me

My name is Alice and my hobby is making handmade gifts like cards, gift boxes, decorative frames and small books. I began making these things as presents for family members when I was short on cash but now I love the challenge of thinking of something new for every gift giving holiday.

My first project was a card for my sister. I had a box of scrapbooking things around that I got as a Christmas present one year, so I pulled out some card stock and pretty stickers to make her a card. She was happy, but after I gave it to her I realized that I could have done better. I got the box out again and began to play with ideas. Soon I was making handmade cards for everyone.

I moved on to making decorative gift boxes. The craft store sells plain white boxes and I figured I could brighten them with the same techniques I used on cards. I loved the fact that each present looked unique, just as if it had “Handmade by Alice” stamped on it.

When my niece had a baby I wanted to do something special. I learned to paint and decorate picture frames, using her nursery colors and themes. She was pleased! My handmade frames now decorate her baby’s room.

My biggest project was a special handmade book I crafted as a present for my parent’s wedding anniversary. I used my color printer to print out family photographs and bind them into a book. The ideas I had from making handmade cards were useful when I decorated the cover and the pages. My mother was so excited she said, “Alice, this is an amazing homemade treasure!” I can’t wait to learn more ways to make handmade presents.