Worth More Than Gold


Remember when it was a fad for people to tattoo their significant other’s name onto themselves as a profession of their love? At the time (not that people still don’t do it) this was considered a highly romantic gesture partially due to the fact that there’s always the risk of breaking up. While the act was an immensely stupid one, it did carry quite a bit of weight for it’s sentimental nature and had the right idea. There is a Grand-Canyon-sized difference between getting a gift that’s simply cute or sweet, and receiving one that you find deeply touching. Luckily, there are other ways and gestures of gift giving that are far wiser than a tribute tat.

Spontaneous Acts Of Love

Giving gifts for special occasions in our day and age is for the most part mandatory, which diminishes some of the sentimental value of what you’re giving. Even if you find the ultimate personal and heart warming present imaginable, it is still weighed down by the fact it was given only due to traditions that have that expectation. But on the other hand, finding a way to surprise them with a gift for no reason other than the fact that you were simply thinking of them can make the gift’s personal value (no matter what it is) grow to epic proportions. Giving a gift because you wanted to, rather than because you were obligated to can say a lot about your feelings toward that person.

Get The Message And Making A Point

Not everyone is able to express their feelings, both good and bad, verbally making gift giving a tool you can use to communicate an idea or point to them that would only make you feel uncomfortable if you tried to express out loud. You can go with a round about way of sending your message by using gifts that acts as a symbols of your affection, or you can be direct and literally write it in the form of a card or love letters, that way they’ll hear you perfectly without you ever having to make a sound.



Investing all of your spare time into a loved one is a gift partially because nobody can afford to waste it. There are no refunds here, and hopefully the gift is mutual. Find a way to sacrifice time that is supposed to be yours, give it to them and allow them to use it as they please without question. They’ll appreciate it even more if they ask you to do something that they know you dislike but are willing to overlook that fact just so you can be with them. The very act of being with someone and sharing your life with them is an act of devotion that rarely goes unnoticed. A diamond lasts forever, but you certainly won’t.

Attention Please


When turning to gifts that are actual physical objects, the best gifts are the ones that fits a persons personality perfectly. Using your intuition and finding gifts that are something they wanted but never mentioned, or even better yet is something they didn’t even know they wanted, shows just how well you know them and that you are paying attention to them.